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ATmega328p Microcontroller

the Atmel ATmega328p is commonly used in projects and autonomous systems where a simple, low-powered, low-cost micro-controller is needed.

  • 32KB of Flash Memory
  • 2KB SRAM
  • 16MHz Clock Speed

In Circuit Serial Programming Pins

ICSP it is an AVRtiny programming header for the Arduino. It is often refered to as an SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) which could be considered an "expansion" of the output.

  • Allows for burning images from one microcontroller to another
  • Consists of MOSI, MISO, SCK, RESET, VCC, and GND pins

Input Output Pins

IO Pins allow users to test circuitry on a breadboard. Using the Arduino programming language, the board can read electrical input and send out programmed electrical signals.

  • 6 analog pins
  • 14 digital pins
  • 6 Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) pins

DC Power Port

While the Arduino Uno can be powered by the USB port alone, the power port a more flexible option for mobile builds like RC cars and quadcopters.

  • 2.1mm coaxial port
  • 7-12 volts (recommended range)
  • 6-20 volts (maximum range)

USB Port

The Arduino's USB port offers a universal solution for interfacing with the device. The USB port can also be used to power the Arduino.

  • USB Type B form factor
  • 60MB/s potential speed
  • Communicates with the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment)